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SkyBridge Mobile helps you communicate with your contacts more efficiently through a suite of highly interactive mobile marketing campaigns.  Our technology and proven feature set empowers you to drive traffic to your business and bring in more sales.  Creating a mobile strategy that includes messaging, mobile web, social media and more, will allow you to engage with your customer base the most efficient way.  Click an icon below to learn more.


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Users can text to enter a sweepstakes or contest.  You can create sweepstakes for your Opt-in and Lead generation lists.  Assign a contest to a complete list, or limit entrants by offering it only to participants that text within a specific time frame.


Polling & Questionnaires

Mobile polling allows you to interact with your consumers and receive answers almost instantaneously via text message.  Questions engage the end-users and will allow you to engage at deeper levels.  You can also provide them with an offer or coupon as a "Thank You."




Subscription Alerts

Using a simple text message to keep your consumers in the loop with updates, news, and notifications has never been more efficient and easier.


Appointment Reminders

Use our mobile appointment management tool to manage appointments or fill in down times.  Manage all of your appointments with an interactive and automatic process.  Your customers can select various types of confirmation responses so you can maximize your time.


Contact us for complete list of messaging options and solutions.


Third Party Applications

Integrate our mobile marketing platform and form captures with your CRM or existing email provider.  Captured information is automatically sent where a contact / subscriber entry is created.


Application Programming Interface (API)

Utilize our API to integrate your content with our platform and create automated mobile campaigns and landing pages.  We have integrations with MLS providers, automotive listing aggregators, and others.  With our API (JSON) or from your spreadsheet, we can create high volume mobile pages for directory listings, coupons, interactive print ads, and create other dynamic content.


Contact us for additional information about our integrations.



Social Media

Integrate your social media channels and send offers, messages, and alerts directly to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.  By integrating social media, you will increase your mobile opt-in list and will be able to send content directly to your targeted customers.


Social Sharing

Mobile social media allows you to include "sharing" options that will help you promote a coupon, website, or landing page.  Lock your content (offers or promotions) behind a Facebook Like or share.


Contact us for additional engagement solutions.



Business has gone mobile, so more and more people are accessing your website through their smartphones;  having a mobile presense is a must have.  Create dynamic mobile webpages that include all of the features you are looking for. 


A list of features are listed below:

  • Picture galleries

  • Videos

  • Custom HTML

  • GEO location & maps

  • Social media


Contact us for a full list of features, and we will help you build out your mobile web applications.

Mobile Web
  • Form captures

  • QR code creation & tracking

  • Mobile apps

  • RSS feeds

  • M-Commerce


Strengthen your brand by sending tailored offers and information that make sense.  With our mobile loyalty platform, you don’t have to limit yourself to discount-based marketing.  You will own your client base in a secure CRM where you will have the ability to:


  • List cultivation

  • Send tailored offers, tips, and info

  • Customized reports on transaction history and customer behavior

  • Secure points submission and redemption process

  • Easy member registration process




Create campaigns that are highly targeted and mobile friendly.


  • Attractive call-to-action buttons, backgrounds, and styling

  • Loyalty member list management for filtering recipients based on your custom criteria (frequency of visits, purchase amounts, upcoming birthdays), and more

  • Automated notifications

  • Campaign stats


Contact us so we can help you create a loyalty program that fits your business.


Create and publish redeemable and trackable mobile coupons.  When customers receive a coupon, they can share the coupon with their friends on social media or through an SMS message.  Viral sharing becomes an opt-in generation tool without any additional effort or advertising from you.  You have complete control of the offer and redemption rules with our platform.


Contact us for additional information and to get started.

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