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Everyone is busy and sometimes your customers miss appointments.  Save time and money by scheduling automated text-message appointment reminders.  By setting up SMS alerts in advance, you’ll minimize the time spent making courtesy calls and capture those valuable appointments that is the life of your business.  Some healthcare practices:


  • Private Practices

  • Cosmetic Services

  • Physical Therapists

  • Rehabilitation Clinics

  • Chiropractors

  • Dermatologists

  • Dental Practices

  • Outpatient Centers

  • Practitioners

  • Recovery Centers

  • and much more


Your staff can communicate with patients in the way they want by text message.  Surveys show that 97% of all text messages are read moments after they are received.  Utilize the power of text messaging and ensure that your appointments are confirmed.


Save the time of a staff member who would need to make confirmation calls and reminder notices that needs to be set up in advance. Benefit of having far fewer no-shows, which will help to increase revenue.




SMS Text Messaging                             Alert customers to new products, brands, promotions, special events, and much more

Mobile Signup Pages                            Place landing pages on your website and social media to build your mobile opt-in list

2DQR Codes & Mobile Keywords       Add mobile keywords and 2DQR codes to in location posters and signage, direct                                                                    mail ads, and other print marketing

Mobile Coupons                                     Send mobile coupons to alert customers to special sales, discounts, or to promote services

Mobile Website                                      Create an optimized version of your website for mobile customers

Appointment Reminder Manager      Reduce the number of no-shows and maximize revenue opportunities

Utilize our platform that allows you to combine text message marketing, your website, and social media to maximize your customer reach and share your offers.  Publish once and extend your reach across all your media channels.

Managed Mobile Marketing Services

Ask about our managed accounts to help you create a successful mobile marketing strategy

Get started today or contact us for additional information

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