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Great food and service is essential to having a successful restaurant.  Without an effective marketing strategy, it’s like having incredible food that no one knows about. Get the word out by leveraging our mobile marketing solution that gives you a variety of tools to reach and interact with your customers at any time, all the time.


Extend your reach by advertising promotional mobile keywords in print ads, your website, menu, receipts, or even on your window.  Get instant word-of-mouth marketing by updating your social media news feeds on Facebook and Twitter to excite your customers and their friends.  Use the power of social media and have your fans virally promote your offers.


Build an opt-in list and send coupons and offers for instant-foot traffic when times are slow.


Create a rewards program that is always the one thing your customers have with them all of the time … their mobile phones.


Customize your loyalty program, what the goal is and how many points it will take customers to reach the goal you set up. You are able to set it so that your customers will gain points by either purchases or visiting the store.  Since this is all done by phone and SMS text messaging you can limit how many points a person can accumulate in a certain timeframe.  Having your customers opt-in and sign up for your program will allow you to build up a database of numbers for future us, so that you can send out future promotions, coupons, news and more.




SMS Text Messaging                             Alert customers to new products, brands, in-store promotions, sales, special events, and much more

Mobile Signup Pages                            Place landing pages on your website and social media to build your mobile opt-in list

2DQR Codes & Mobile Keywords       Add mobile keywords and 2DQR codes to in-store posters and signage, newspaper ads, direct                                                                    mail ads, and other print marketing

Mobile Coupons                                     Send mobile coupons to alert customers to special sales, discounts, or to promote closeouts

Mobile Loyalty                                        Like a punch card but save paper and the hassle of lost cards … and customers prefer them

Mobile Website                                      Create an optimized version of your website for mobile customers

Utilize our platform that allows you to combine text message marketing, your website, and social media to maximize your customer reach and share your offers.  Publish once and extend your reach across all your media channels.

Managed Mobile Marketing Services

Ask about our managed accounts to help you create a successful mobile marketing strategy

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