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The 3 things consumers never leave home without – keys, wallet, and mobile phone.  With text message marketing your message will reach your customers no matter where they are.  Mobile text messaging has emerged as  the way to contact customers with speed, relevance, and effective response.


Send event notifications, mobile coupons, sale reminders, contest info, and special offers via mobile marketing.  Text messages are opened 97% of the time and opened within minutes of receipt.


It’s a low cost, high return on investment tool that quickly places your message in the pockets of your target audience.



SMS Text Messaging                             Alert customers to new products, brands, in-store promotions, sales, special events, and much more

Mobile Signup Pages                            Place landing pages on your website and social media to build your mobile opt-in list

2DQR Codes & Mobile Keywords       Add mobile keywords and 2DQR codes to in-store posters & signage, newspaper ads, direct                                                                    mail ads, and other print marketing

Mobile Coupons                                     Send mobile coupons to alert customers to special sales, discounts, or to promote closeouts

Polls & Questionnaires                         Gain valuable feedback about your store and employees from your customers

Mobile Website                                      Create an optimized version of your website for mobile customers

Utilize our platform that allows you to combine text message marketing, your website, and social media to maximize your customer reach and share your offers.  Publish once and extend your reach across all your media channels.

Managed Mobile Marketing Services

Ask about our managed accounts to help you create a successful mobile marketing strategy

Get started today or contact us for additional information

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