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We understand that not every business is the same.  Choose a plan that is right for you.




400 messages/month

1 vanity keyword



1000 messages/month

1 vanity keyword



2000 messages/month

2 vanity keywords



4000 messages/month

3 vanity keywords



8000 messages/month

4 vanity keywords



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Add the text message appointment reminder manager to any plan for a low monthly fee



With our Managed Mobile Marketing Services we act as your outsourced business partner.  Pick a plan and we will take care of your marketing efforts so that you can focus on what you do best - run your business.  More info


Questions?  Do you need a plan with more messages or have special requirements?

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What is mobile marketing?

The strength of mobile marketing is that a customer gives permission or "opts in" to participate in your marketing campaign. Mobile allows a business to get its message into customers' hands quickly and easily. Mobile marketing is used to increase brand awareness, send text alerts, offer coupons/specials, generate customer databases, increase customer loyalty, retention, and drive foot traffic to specific events and locations.​

Why should I use mobile marketing in my business?

Consumers are very attached to their mobile phones and when a text message is recieved, they read messages instantly. There is no other medium that allows you to reach your customers so quickly.

How do I know if mobile marketing is right for my business?

Give us a call or send us an email.  We will be the first to tell you if mobile marketing is right for your business or organization.

What is a mobile keyword?

A mobile keyword allows you to promote this for people to join your text marketing list by texting this keyword.  When a customer texts your keyword, we'll send your customized auto-reply back and that person is automatically added to this list.  Each vanity keyword represents its own list.

What does SMS mean?

SMS stands for Short Message Service.  This refers to the sending of short text messages from one device to another;  in most cases from one mobile phone to another.  An SMS text message is restricted to 160 characters.

What does MMS mean?

MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service.  MMS is an expansion of a SMS message.  In practical terms, this means there are no character restrictions on MMS messages and one can send a variety of multimedia content types including video and images.

What is included with your mobile marketing solution?

All customers get text messaging credits and mobile keywords.  Each credit is equal to a text message that is sent (we do not charge for incoming messages).


Other features that are available:  mobile coupons, QR codes, mobile landing pages, loyalty program, text-to-win, social media integration, and polls & questionnaires, and much more.

How do I build an opt-in list or obtain mobile phone numbers?

There are numerous ways of getting customers to text in to your mobile keyword.  The key is that you need a strong call to action, relavent offer, or a compelling reason to enter your mobile marketing campaign(s).


Some good reasons why people will be happy to give you their number include:


  • Offers and Promotions - One will text in if they know they will get discounts, offers, or special invitations, etc.

  • Confirmations and Reminders - These are helpful for the recipient and have the added benefit of reducing missed appointments.

  • Alerts and Information - Due to its immediacy, text is perfect to send out urgent alerts and information.

  • Discount Codes or Coupons - Everybody enjoys a discount on a product or service.

  • Text to Vote - Text to vote system to gather information, polls, and opinions.

  • Text to Win - Ask people to text your short code for a chance to win a prize.

Are there any contracts or long-term commitments required?

No.  Please understand that in order to build or create an opt-in mobile database it may take sometime.  We tell each client that you need to market and promote mobile marketing in order for it to work effectively.  We do not provide any partial or pro-rated refunds if you terminate your account mid-month.

What does it cost to send a message?

Each message you send (less than 160 characters) is one message or credit.  If you have an opt-in list that is 150 people and you send two messages a month, this is equal to 300 messages.  See our plans that fit your mobile marketing needs.

Do I need to install anything on my computer?

No.  Our system is 100% web-based. You can access your account from any computer that is connected to the internet.

Can I start with a small plan and then upgrade in the future?

Yes.  You can upgrade your package or purchase more text credits as you need them without changing your plan.  You can also purchase additional mobile keywords to your plan as well.  You can execute these options right from your control panel.

Once I register a keyword, how long do I own it?

Your keyword is yours to use as long as your account is active and current.

What happens to our text message credits if all of them are not used each month?

Your text message credits rollover each month if they are not used.  You can access the unused text credits as they remain in your account along with the new ones that are added each month.

Are all mobile marketing features included with every plan?

Yes, except the appointment reminder manager.  If you would like to add this feature it is an additional $49/month.  If you would like to add this feature or inquire about other options please contact us.  We will build a custom plan that fits your business.

Do you provide marketing materials so I can start right away?

We provide our customers with numerous free marketing materials. These include high quality signs and table tents for use in your retail store or place of business to encourage mobile opt-ins and for use in promotions.

What about mobile marketing rules, compliance, and regulations?

Our solutions are fully compliant with all mobile marketing rules and regulations. We make technology updates as rules change and if you have any questions, contact us.


How do I access my account and how do I get started?

When you sign up you will receive a welcome email with your login information that will allow you to access your new account.


Once you login in you will find your customer dashboard.  This dashboard will provide you with how to videos, select keywords, schedule tasks, build opt-in lists, and access the modules that are included with your plan.  We also offer you a knowledge base that is a great resource to ensure your success.

What kind of training and support do you provide?

We offer many levels of training and support.  Tutorial videos, training webinars, a comprehensive knowledge base, ROI Calculators, and industry articles & white papers.  You can always contact us if you have questions during normal business (8am-5pm CST) or send us an email.

Do you provide reporting and statistics?

Yes.  You can view reports and statistics at your customer dashboard.  These reports show you real-time and historical information on how your campaigns are doing.  You can also view your monthly billing statements here as well.


I don’t have the time to start and manage mobile marketing campaigns.

We offer managed campaigns for clients who would like to use our service.  For an additional monthly fee we will meet to discuss your marketing goals.  We will help you set up an opt-in campaign(s) to begin building your SMS list.  We will create and send up to four SMS text message campaigns each month, design, and build your mobile coupons.  This is a service where you outsource all your mobile marketing efforts to us.

How long will you provide mobile managed services?

We require a 6-month minimum commitment from our customers for this service. This will give us enough time to build and optimize your campaign to help ensure its success.

At the end of the 6-month period what happens?

You have two options:

1.  You can begin managing your mobile marketing campaigns yourself.

2.  We can continue providing this service for you on a monthly basis.

Are there any requirements for this service?

Yes.  It is only available to customers on our “Advanced” plan or higher.

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